The Bonello Family

I just wanted to let you know that my family love the cupcakes that I brought home today. These cupcakes we have ever had and we each have different flavors. Thank you for creating such a treat for your customers. I also appreciated the time that was spent with me in the store showing me different options and the friendly and Vaira meant that is present. I wish you all the best!


Oh my goodness… I am so glad we discovered your store (our butts won't thank you - but our stomachs surely will!). My staff loved these! Unbelievable is all I can say!!! 


I was in your shop a few days ago. I loved your cupcakes and you are very sweet too! I brought your cupcakes to my sister's baby shower and they were a huge hit!


My friends and coworkers know how much I love delicious baked goodies. One of my coworkers told me that I must try razzle-dazzle so I did… OMG!!! They are the best cupcakes I've ever had! The lemon funky chicken (ha ha I love the names) was my favourite one. I will definitely be coming back.


It was such a pleasure meeting you yesterday. Thought I would drop you a quick note to let you know my children loved the cupcakes. My husband ate the lemon one and said it was the best cupcake he had ever had! 


I just wanted to tell you that your cupcakes are AMAZING. We ate all 12 within 3 days. All I could say about your Lemon Funky Chicken is Oh My God! I couldn't stop saying it! Each one of them tasted like my grandma made them and I am just in love. Thank you for giving my taste buds something to remember. 


I am a big fan of cupcakes. My husband did some research and took me on a cupcake trip to London. We bought 4 cupcakes from you and 2 from one of your competitors. We tasted both and I have to tell you that your cupcakes were hands down the best I have ever tasted. Good for you! Best wish to you & your cupcakes! 


I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful and delicious cupcakes I ordered for my birthday. They were absolutely fantastic! Everyone loved them. I can't wait for our next trip to London so we can grab some more. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job on them. I have been referring you to everyone I know.

Lola & Brandon

Thank you so much for being the most outstanding, professional, creative, warm cake supplier for our wedding. We cannot begin to express how overjoyed we were to see your work and taste your cupcakes. Your creative detail was a plus and the cupcakes for everything and more we imagined.

Jen & Matt

We just wanted to let you know how FABULOUS the cupcakes were at our wedding. They were a big hit with our guests! People are still mentioning to me how much they love them. Thank you so much for your hard work, smooth delivery and perfect decorating - absolutely scrumptious!


Thank you for doing such a fabulous job for our wedding. The cupcakes were absolutely amazing!!! They were so moist even the next day. We also got so many compliments on how good they were and how beautifully presented they were too! We are so happy with your service. You made amazing day even more amazing!


I was in the store at the end of the day on Saturday. I wanted to say we really enjoyed the creations. Good quality ingredients speak for themselves and you can taste the difference. So pretty. So yummy - even though I had to share! I look forward to my next Razzle Dazzle cupcake!

Lisa S

The experience started for me as you walk into the store. What wonderful flavours and creativity. From customer service to quality product I was very impressed. The cupcakes were by far the youngest I have ever had. It goes without saying but it has to be fresh daily. Your standards are well about the competitors. Good luck in your future endeavors!

Stephanie & Shawn

We stopped in today for the first time to try your cupcakes after trying them. After trying the Carrot Bunny Hop and Chocolate Peppermint Twist we can both say please say that they are BY FAR the best cupcakes we have EVER tasted. 


I just received a package of two of your cupcakes as a Valentines gift. Your Strawberries Samba cupcake was THE BEST CUPCAKE I've ever had. The flavours are fabulous! Keep on baking!

Haasen Family

We ordered the Chocolate Raspberry Rumba cupcakes for my daughter's 13th birthday and they were a HUGE success! Everyone loved them and were debating over who got the last 13th cupcake. The cake part was light and fluffy. The raspberry icing was a true raspberry flavour not too sweet… just perfect! Best cupcakes we have ever eaten and will be back for more!


My husband and I came into your store this afternoon for the first time. I can honestly tell you that the Chocolate Peppermint Twist cupcake was the best freakin' (pardon my French) cupcake I've ever eaten!!! I really appreciate the care went into each cupcake. The presentation makes them works of art and I also really appreciated you were genuine reading thanking us for coming into the store before we had purchased anything.


I just want to thank you for being so helpful today! I can't tell you how happy I was when your shop offered delivery and even a card and a bow! Thank you again for everything! I know my friend will love the cupcakes because if you put that much caring to taking an order and helping someone who is calling from out of town, I can only imagine how much love and care goes into each cupcake! I appreciate the kindness so much!

Sarah & Chris

Where do we begin to thank you? I guess I only received about the wonderful cupcakes we have! Thank you so much for helping to make our day so wonderful and delicious!

Jon & Beth

We heard nothing but raves about your wedding cupcakes! We and our guests thoroughly enjoyed your sweet treats. We look forward to future visits in days to come.