Custom decorated cupcakes and cakes?

Yes, we do custom- decorated cupcakes and cakes. Please ask for a quote and we would be pleased to provide one. We are often very busy, so please book at least  1 week in advance for a custom- decorated order. We do custom fondant decorations on orders of a dozen or more cupcakes. All custom orders must be pre-paid.

Delivery - Do you deliver?

Yes, we deliver in London. We Use a service for our deliveries and the fee is $12.95. Delivery is available from 10 am to 4 pm Monday to Friday. 10 am to 2 pm on Saturdays. They cannot make more than one delivery attempt. Please ensure that orders are placed by 1 pm for same day delivery.

Delivery to Residential Address - can package be left at door?

If a request is made to leave your gift/package at the door, you accept all liability and risk for your order. These risks may include(but is not limited to) damage due to weather conditions, theft or consumption. No refund or credit is available if this is option is chosen.


Events - Cupcake tier rental stand?

Yes, we rent stands. Our white acrylic stand can be rented for $30.00 + HST.  If stand rental is needed a refundable security deposit of $100.00 is required. Our stand must be returned to our shop within 2 days following the date of pick up / delivery. Once the stand leaves our possession, you assume all liability and responsibility for its condition. We will return your deposit when the stand is returned to us in it's original condition.


Flavours - How many different flavours can I order?

We offer approximately 70 different flavours of cupcakes throughout the year, including flavours that are available on a daily, weekly , monthly and seasonal basis.  In-store orders, you can order as many different flavours from our weekly schedule (Please visit Menu Section). With larger pre-orders ( over 10 dozen) for weddings and events, it's one flavour per dozen.

We also offer our Junior Cupcakes for weddings and events. Our Juniors are sold one flavour per dozen and by the dozen. If you are ordering 5 dozen juniors, you can order 5 different flavours.  Juniors are not sold in store.


Freshness - How long can we keep the cupcakes before easting?

Our cupcakes are baked fresh daily so we believe it's best if our cupcakes are served on the same day. If you have leftovers or are picking your cupcakes up in advance for your event, they can be stored in their original packaging in a cool area. 

If you decide to refrigerate your cupcakes overnight allow your cupcakes to come to room temperature before serving.

All our buttercream frostings are made with real butter. Please avoid exposing your cupcakes to heat or direct sunlight, as it may melt the frosting.


Gluten - Do you offer gluten free cupcakes?

We are a gluten based bakery and because of this, we cannot 100% guarantee that our Gluten Friendly baking has not come into contact with gluten containing flour. We take extra care to reduce the possibility of any cross contamination.


Nuts - Are your cupcakes nut free?

No, our cupcakes are not nut-free. 

We are not a nut-free bakery, we use nuts on the premises, and do not suggest our products if you or anyone consuming the cupcakes have nut allergies.


Ordering - Do I need to order in advance?

We recommend ordering at least 48 hours in advance, particularly if you have an important or large order. The easiest and most convenient way to order is to order online using this web site as you can do that 24X7 365 days a year. You can also come in and place your order in person. All pre-orders must be pre-paid.

On holidays or weekends, please note that there may be a limit on the numbers of orders we can take, so please try to order as early as possible.


Ordering - What are your cancellation policies?

We require 48 hours to modify or cancel any specialty cupcake or custom cake order. This must be done in shop and in person.


Ordering - Can I order flavours that are different than those available for the day I want to receive my cupcakes?

No, while we bake some flavours daily, we only bake certain other flavours on specific weeks, along with monthly and seasonal flavours. We have up to 12 different flavours a week from which to choose.