About Our Cupcakes

All Razzle Dazzle cupcakes and cakes are made with real ingredients including eggs, butter, butter milk, cream cheese and fruit purees - nothing at our bakery comes from a box or pail.

We carry a minimum of 20 of our 70+ flavours in store daily in our regular sized cupcakes (junior size and extra large size cupcakes are sold by special order and are not carried in store). The in-store selection will deplete throughout the day so we cannot guarantee any specific flavour at any specific time on any given day). If you are going to be stopping by later in the day and want a specific cupcake flavour, please feel free to call us earlier in the day and we can let you know what flavours we have available and put them aside for you. 

Regular sized cupcakes can be ordered assorted from our daily in-store Menu Selection in as many flavours as you wish. We cannot guarantee that all flavours of frosting will be available at all times. Any order for 'custom' cupcakes or cakes will be non-refundable and will require payment at time of order. Our junior sized cupcakes are by special order only and do not come assorted (one flavour per dozen). The junior cupcakes are approximately four bites. Most of our customers tell us they are the same size as the cupcakes they bake at home. 

If there is a flavour that you would like us to make, please feel free to ask us as we are always willing to add new flavours to our already extensive list of flavours. Advance orders are appreciated. 


Cupcake Decor

We decorate each of our cupcake flavours with its own type of decor (subject to availability). Upon request, we will do our very best to match cupcake decor to your event (i.e. weddings, baby showers, etc.). We make every attempt to decorate your cupcakes exactly as discussed however, sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances, alternate decor may be required. In addition to our large variety of chocolate, sprinkles and candy toppings, Razzle Dazzle Cupcakes offers an extensive selection of plastic 'cupcake piks' to make your perfect themed cupcake. 


Cupcake Stand Rental

Our cupcake stands are four tiers and are made of white acrylic. Our cupcake stand holds 7 dozen junior sized cupcakes or 6 dozen regular size cupcakes.The rental fee is $30 and we do not pick up the cupcake stand from your venue. It is the responsibility of the renter to return the stand in the provided box on time (remember that we are closed on Sundays).