Sea Salt Caramel Collection

Sea Salt Caramel Collection


New flavours and textures unite to create perfect pairings in these four new salted caramel chocolates, made with the same very high-quality Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut chocolate you know and love. Each box contains 16 caramels in four flavours with just the right amount of buttery, salty sweetness - and our caramel won't stick to your teeth! Using all-natural ingredients and no artificial preservatives, we make our own caramel receipe, rolling it out and cutting it by hand before enrobing it in our unique-recipe milk or dark chocolate and then hand-finishing with gourmet sea salt.


- Fleur de Sel Sea Salt Caramel in milk chocolate

- Thai Ginger Sea Salt Chocolate Caramel in dark chocolate

- Hawaiian Sea Salt Raspberry Caramel in milk chocolate

- Fleur de Sel Sea Salt Caramel in dark chocolate

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