About Our Cakes

For the last seven years our loyal customers have been encouraging us to provide them with cakes. We have always made cakes for weddings, but mostly as a 6 inch cake to match the cupcakes for the brides. So now we are offering cakes for all of the special occasions and are just only now starting to add pictures of cakes that we are making to our portfolio. We encourage you to send pictures of cakes that you would like and we will be able to price it for you. We have a very talented team of decorators and they are eager to show you their talents and expertise!

We do not make anything out of a box or a pail. All of our cakes (and cupcakes) are made from scratch with real butter, real eggs, real cream cheese and real butter milk & our frosting is also made from all natural ingredients. Please keep this in mind when you are calling to compare prices.


Cake Stand Rental

Our cupcake stands are four tiers and are made of white acrylic. Our cupcake/cake  stand holds 6 dozen junior sized cupcakes with a 6"cake or 5 dozen regular size cupcakes with a 6" cake. The rental fee is $30 and we do not pick up the cupcake stand from your venue. It is the responsibility of the renter to return the stand in the provided box on time (remember that we are closed on Sundays). 

Cake Servings Guide


Round Cake (1" X 2" Pieces)

6" Cake      10                                                                 

 8" Cake      28                  

10" Cake      42            

12" Cake       56                                                                     

14" Cake      82                                                                            


Square Cakes (1" X  2" pieces)                   

6" Cake      18                                                                

 8" Cake      32                    

10" Cake      50              

12" Cake      72                                                                     

14" Cake      98